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                  Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏

                  Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏

                  介紹:上海超潤原裝進口Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste,公司現貨,價格優惠!可提供報關單,質保書!咨詢電話:021-20247731


                  Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏

                  Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏,503 Moly Paste Lubricant 700° 4slect-a-torq 503鉬潤滑膏700° 含有65%的固體潤滑劑懸浮在一個軟的面團。重,黑糊**的潤滑性能,Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏是我們***的潤滑劑減少摩擦。在螺紋緊固件(螺栓,螺母,螺栓)0.06低摩擦系數產生均勻可靠的裝配條件。潤滑油然后停留在通過熱,負荷振動確保無故障的拆卸。

                  Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏應用:壓配合,螺紋緊固件,滑動配合,金屬加工(包括圖紙,沖壓,鑄造,鍛造,擠壓,低摩擦,劃痕,拉毛,和金屬提?。?,花鍵和齒輪。Hydratight Sweeney 503 Moly Paste鉬基潤滑膏是一個明確的,具有**的滲透和潤滑性能的薄流體。它滲透裂縫,松動生銹,吃過的油脂,油和污垢提供潤滑方便拆卸。松開冷凍螺母,無滲透潤滑劑柱或管可引起拉毛。

                  Sweeney 503 Moly Paste Anti-seize lubricants are combinations of oil-base and solid lubricants that produce a hybrid suited for static joints including threaded surfaces, press fits, slip fits, transmission joints and  gaskets.

                  Sweeney 503 Moly Paste 503 Moly Paste Lubricant  contains 65% solid lubricants suspended in a soft paste. A heavy, black paste with unsurpassed lubricating qualities, 503 is our most efficient lubricant in reducing friction. On threaded fasteners (bolts, nuts, studs) the low uniform friction coefficient of 0.06 creates reliable assembly conditions. The lubricant then stays in place through heat, load and vibration to insure trouble free disassembly.

                  Applications: Press fits, threaded fasteners, slip fits, metal-working (including drawing, stamping, coining, extruding, and forging by lower friction, and eliminating scratching,  galling, and metal pick-up), splines and gears.

                  Recommended for BOP Bolts, Risers, and several offshore applications.

                  Imported and Marketed in India by Project Sales Corp, 28 Founta Plaza, Suryabagh, Visakhapatnam, India .

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